Prospects for an accessible and open version of Android?

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Sun Jun 21 13:46:40 UTC 2020

*Googles MeerKat System76.*

Seems a bit anemic on USB-A ports and the apparent lack of an Optical
drive is personally a deal breaker in something advertised as a
compact but fully functional desktop machine, but those are some
rather impressive stats for something so small... bump it up to 4
USB-A ports on both front and back, confirm that the SD slot is
full-sized and of the kind that leaves the card flush with the slot
and add a second, and add the option for a all-in-one Optical drive or
two, and I'd probably be salivating.

*Checks System76's full-sized Desktop options...Eyes widen as much as
atrophied eyelid muscles will allow.*

They make machines with full terabytes of RAM!? And I thought it
ridiculous when I first heard of people with 64GB of RAM. *Says the
guy running a vintage 2011 HP with 4GB of RAM.*

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