Prospects for an accessible and open version of Android?

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Sun Jun 21 17:10:31 UTC 2020

Yeah, I might could live with only 3 USB-A ports and having to use an
external optical drive, but the MeerKat refusing to boot without a
mouse and monitor would be an absolute deal breaker... also, I heard
mention of HDMI when I checked out it's product page at System 76, but
no mention of 3.5mm audio jacks, which sadly one can no longer take
for granted will be found on new machines.

Realistically, I'll probably stick with my 2011 HP until the
motherboard dies and then panic due to lack of funds to replace it,
but even if there's no practical way of making it battery powered, the
MeerKat's size is appealing to me for two reasons:

1. If I had the MeerKat has my primary workstation, it would be
trivial to pack it up and take it with me if I ever have to travel.

2. The room that currently doubles as my bedroom and home office is
quite small, trading out my full-sized desktop for something like the
MeerKat would free up a not insignificant amount of space.

That said, it feels like there really isn't anything out there that
isn't either crippled by high price, restrictive hardware, or the lack
of a internal battery.

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