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Mon Jun 22 13:54:39 UTC 2020

No piece of sufficiently complex software is perfect(SBL is my
favorite console screen reader and I wish it was packaged for as many
distros as espeakup and Fenrir are, but it does have this annoying
habit that when programs have an updating progress statement at the
bottom of their output, SBL starts over reading the line whenever it
updates instead of finishing the read it started, and where this
progress moves quickly(e.g. the program executing on many small
inputs), it often never gets to reading the important part of the
progress statement), and often, which flaws one is willing to put up
with are just as important as which features one values most when
selecting between two pieces of software that do similar jobs.

That said, I'm curious what the person who said "issues is an overused
word" or something to that effect meant, especially with how they
agreed with the person they were quoting just replacing "issues" with
"problems". I realize this is probably an argument of definitions, but
I've always thought of these words as synonyms and unlike words like
"affordable", "inexpensive", and "cheap" where there is the same
denotation but quite different connotation, I consider "problem" and
"issue" to be the same in both denotation and connotation.

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