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Mon Jun 22 15:00:58 UTC 2020

SBL is a console screen reader, and one of the reasons it's my
favorite is that screen review is as simple as holding down caps lock
and using the arrow keys(left/right for character-by-character,
up/down for line-by-line).

It's the default text-mode screen reader used by Knoppix when run in
it's accessibility-focused Adriane mode and is also available as an
RPM package in OpenSuSe, but to my knowledge, those are the only
distros it's avaialable for.

No clue where it lies on the kernel versus userspace spectrum(espeakup
depends on the speakup kernel module while part of the original
impetus for Fenrir was to create a fully userspace screen reader that
would work on systems that exclude speakup from their kernels(and
while I don't understand Kernel development much, I understand speakup
has been stuck in something called staging for years and that only the
more inclusive builds of Linux import anything from staging).

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