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Tue Jun 23 14:50:09 UTC 2020

While a machine coming preloaded with Linux is nice and at least means
not having to fight Microsoft's latest attempts to dig their claws in
and make nuking the copy of Windows I didn't want and installing Linux
harder and means a better than average chance the hardware is fully
compatible with Linux and won't require proprietary drivers,
personally, the more important issue is whether a machine is
configured for optical and/or USB boot out of the box so I can just
install whichever distro I want and configure it from scratch without
the hassle of tracking down a monitor, a willing sighted assistent,
and walking them through the process of fixing the boot order(because
as hard as finding a sighted assistant is, finding one who actually
knows their way around a BIOS is even harder).

So anyone know if System76 or any other pro-linux PC makers ship
systems I can just pop an installation CD/DVD into and run an
installer on first boot? Or have all of them followed the mainstream
into the insanity of disabling all boottable devices that aren't the
primary harddrive or placing them so low in the boot order they'll
only boot if the system drive is borked?

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