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Wed Jun 24 12:13:07 UTC 2020

I believe we once knew it as Suse Blinux. This list may have been named
that way.

If memory serves, it was developed by Marco Skambraks.

I wasn't aware it was being maintained, though.



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> SBL is a console screen reader, and one of the reasons it's my
> favorite is that screen review is as simple as holding down caps lock
> and using the arrow keys(left/right for character-by-character,
> up/down for line-by-line).
> It's the default text-mode screen reader used by Knoppix when run in
> it's accessibility-focused Adriane mode and is also available as an
> RPM package in OpenSuSe, but to my knowledge, those are the only
> distros it's avaialable for.
> No clue where it lies on the kernel versus userspace spectrum(espeakup
> depends on the speakup kernel module while part of the original
> impetus for Fenrir was to create a fully userspace screen reader that
> would work on systems that exclude speakup from their kernels(and
> while I don't understand Kernel development much, I understand speakup
> has been stuck in something called staging for years and that only the
> more inclusive builds of Linux import anything from staging).
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