anonymity, threads, signatures, and confusion

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Wed Jun 24 15:52:01 UTC 2020

In reading some recent discussions, I've been completely unable to tell who was posting some of the messages.  This has caused me to be confused and discouraged.

The underlying problem is the way that the mailing list handles "from" addresses, giving no information about who the sender might be.  I really think this needs to be fixed, but that is probably not a short-term goal.

In the meanwhile, I implore folks to add some sort of identification to their messages, so that readers can follow the conversations without undue confusion. It isn't necessary to provide an email address, or even a full/legal name.  Just give us some way to tell who's saying what.

For example, if I were worried about protecting my identity, I might use an alias such as rdm or RichM, instead  of my full name.  Instead, I plan to provide both my name and email address (as shown below), so folks can contact me off-list, etc.

- Rich Morin (rdm at

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