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Thu Jun 25 13:30:34 UTC 2020

Using Wodim to burn discs isn't hard, it's just something I do
infrequently enough that if I didn't have a 2-line bash script(the #!
line and the actual wodim command), I'd have to google the syntax
everytime Knoppix gets a new public release or I decide to play around
with the latest vanilla Debian.

I have similar scripts for wrighting/creating .img files to/from SD
cards using dd for when I'm playing around with my Raspberry Pi and
using Partimage to backup/restore my root partition so I don't have to
do a clean install everything I break something tinkering around that
I can't fix from a Live environment.

Still clueless about writing images intended for optical media to
flash media and actually have the flash drive boot, though again,
probably less that its hard and probably more that I've never had a
pressing need to learn, and like above, it's probable I'll hand the
task off to a super short script in the long run.

Though, now I'm curious, if optical drives really are going the way of
floppy drives(now there's an old user-facing technology I don't miss
though I do like floppy drive music and wouldn't mind an SD card case
made of upcycled 3-1/2 floppies), what, if anything, do modern
full-size towers use their exterior facing drive bays for? My vintage
2011 HP with a CD-RW/DVD-RW drive and no floppy and has two such bays
free, and the only thing I can think to put in either is a second
optical drive, which even I think would be overkill(I do tend to buy
multiple CDs at a time and Books-on-CD tend to be several discs, but I
doubt two instances of abcde ripping from two separate drives would
really speed up the overall proces, and I can't remember the last time
I had need to copy a disc or burn two copies at the same time).

Or have full-sized towers been deported to the land of retro-styling
and everything these days is either slim towers or mini PCs?


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