Prospects for an accessible and open version of Android?

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Sat Jun 27 11:47:37 UTC 2020

Thanks for checking into this, Didier. With this established, I'l push
them on that point.

PS: Their ordering page needs a little a11y love, too. I ultimately placed my order
by phone.Ostensibly, my machine will be stock Ubuntu 20.4, but we'll

Key request which they readily agreed to, is to enable sshd on boot.
That should give me the best access to get things configured for speech,
probably something I know more about than they
! <smile>



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> On 25/06/2020 à 15:32, Jeff wrote:
> > Oh, and I also listen forward to reading about your experiences with
> > the MeerKat.
> Off topic, but I have looked into the ISO of Pop!OS, the distribution
> provided by System76, and it's clearly a customized Ubuntu 20.04, no
> more, no less. It would be fair to clearly state that on their website
> in my opinion.
> Didier Spaier
> didier at slint dot fr
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