Dbus in choort environment

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Fedora uses dbus-broker,  so that's why you're not getting results there.

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Subject: Dbus in choort environment

> I Am using Latest stable Arch Linux ARM64 on Android device. I Am running it
> on non rooted Android phone by using Termux, Proot and special Bash shell
> script to install ArchLinux to Android device.
> May be, that you will not believe that but I Am able to use many GTK apps
> including. Orca, Mate desktop environment, Gradio application when I have
> successfully build it and I have compiled it myself on ARM 64 platform.
> I AM controlling GTK apps by using VNC Android client app. But I have
> problems with Dbus.
> Some times, come app can not connect to The DBus socket. The file exist. And
> to be able to run mate-session, I must type.
> dbus-launch mate-session &
> dbus/launch is The crucial command to be able to use Orca and mate-session
> and other desktop environments.
> Does somebody of you know how to setup Dbus so it would be correctly
> started?
> By The way. Fedora do not support dbus even while typing dbus-launch app
> name &
> It seems to me, that Arch Linux have some advantages while comparing it with
> Fedora.
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