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Hi everyone, I saw this message but I’m asking you a question if I don’t use Uber and two, what would be a Nother distro that I can use in a virtual machine. Because I am using a Mac. Have lots of time on my hands. Because of all of the current conditions. Hope everyone is well safe and if you’re in many parts of the US at home. Please note I am dictating this to my phone. So there may be parts of the above message that I have dictated that may not be completely understandable. If you have a question about my original intent please ask me I will do my very best to try to clear up any misunderstandings

Maurice Mines.
board member Nfbdb.
Vp nfb of Ca Bakersfield chapter.
Us ham radio call kd0iko.
Sprint Ip  relay number 6612463110.

>> On Mar 19, 2020, at 06:38, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Ubuntu and Debian allows me to read content from login screen with Orca and Brltty. Under Fedora, I can access Brltty after authentication is done. Can I somehow configure Brltty to get access for all screens?
> Thanks,
> Pavel
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