installing jenux

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Fri Mar 27 16:20:22 UTC 2020

During a jenux install jenux uses fenrir for a screen reader if
accessibility mode is enabled.  No boot parameters enables accessibility
mode.  During jenux install, much fast text will be spoken by the screen
reader unless insert-f4 is used to toggle speech off and on.  I usually
toggle speech off until I hear the computer beep and then I know jenux
installer needs some input.  Then I toggle speech back on and inspect the
screen and answer questions.  In the mate install path, there's no beep
before the system asks for the user name and password for the first time
and this is after all packages have been installed.  Those questions could
be moved ahead of package installation and answers stored in and retrieved
from variables but that's not now the case with this installer.  I got a
mate install with jenux and you log in on the console which is good with
fenrir then fenrir turns off and the mate environment comes up and orca
turns on.  I've done a base install with no difficulty earlier.  I will
try a gnome install next to see if that now works.  When these installs
fail it's usually because the developer is working on what fails to
download so when that happens maybe try another install later.  The base
install which is archlinux console uses fenrir to run.


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