Convert unwrapped paragraphs to hard wrapped paragraphs when there's no blank lines.

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> Okay, this isn't strictly an accessibility question, but I can't think
> of any better place to ask and Google didn't help much.
> I occasionally purchase eBooks from Smash Words as they're the only
> eBook Store I know of that offers plain text along side the far too
> prevalent for my liking PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats.
> Problem is, their plain text eBooks are typically long enough Firefox
> and Orca simply choke on them and they have paragraphs that are
> unwrapped, which makes reading them with nano and SBL cumbersome.
> Normally, I'd just use nano's justify command to hard wrap thewhole
> file, but they lack blank lines between paragraphs, so Nano would
> think the whole book a single paragraph.
> So, does anyone know a way to automate inserting blank lines before
> and after each line in a file that's too long to fit on the screen all
> at once and then hard wrap those long lines?

I don't understand how paragraphs start and end in these files. Otherwise you
can try using one of the text processing tools mentioned here:





Note that you may have better luck converting EPUBs (assuming they lack ) to plaintext using
tools such as , , etc.


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