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Tue May 12 16:58:55 UTC 2020

On the other hand, to my knowledge, there is no distro that uses Orca
> to make a graphical installer accessible and that all distros that
> have accessible installers utilize either a text-mode screen reader or
> brltty to make a text-based installer accessible.

This isn't the case at all. Ubuntu uses Orca with Ubiquity, which is 
completely accessible. I know, I just used it last week to install to a 
rather old laptop for a client. There is a little problem getting the 
installer working from the "Install Ubuntu 20.04" app icon on the MATE 
version, but opening a terminal and running

sudo -e ubiquity

from there should speak without any issues. I believe someone told me 
this method worked, and there's no reason I can see why it shouldn't 
work. I can't comment on how well it works now, but OpenSUSE used to 
have an installer that worked with Orca. Anakonda in Fedora also works 
with Orca, but you need to switch from Wayland to an X session in order 
to make it work. Not text mode, just X, which is no longer the default. 
In fact, of all the major distros currently available, I think Debian is 
the only one that uses a text-based installer with a text-mode screen 
reader. Well, there's Arch, but its installation process is 100% manual, 
it has no automated installer at all, so it really doesn't count. I do 
fully agree though that Manjaro is probably not the best choice, and not 
only because of the installer. That was actually the least of the 
problems that we who worked with the Sonar project had with Manjaro, 
mostly after installation.


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