please help Me to build Shortwave radio player

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Tue May 12 18:27:21 UTC 2020

Unfortunately, Shortwave do not contain this directory. The build process
work similarly like Gradle work if somebody wan to build Android app which
depend on library, which is on Github.
All other libraries can be even compiled without errors, there is more than
260 libraries. Mr Haecker have used revolutionar approach to prevent messing
with various library version. He has simply collected all libraries source
codes from Github and his build script download those various source code
versions. Unfortunately, Rust building from Github is very memory hungry
task. So it allocates more than 1 GB of RAM. FOrtunately Android do not
allow app to allocate too much RAm so more than 800 MB from 4 GB of RAm is

Sure, compilation is much more slower than while using regular Linux which
uses system resources exclusively. But it work without error messages. Only
phone board produces some warm and battery is also having higher
temperature. But because other build in services, Android kernel
configuration is preconfigured from The phone manufacturers, there is no
danger of explosion. Or phone board over burning. Because various modules
can slow down CPu if temperature would be too high.
I Am using Dummi video driver, since I do not see at all. I Am using VNC
protocol, X11vnc and other packages, special xorg.conf prepared to work with
dummi video driver. Since Tigervnc failed to work with mate-session.

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