Copying hardwrapped text into softwrapped web forms.

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Tue Nov 3 15:43:18 UTC 2020

Okay, so this isn't really about accessibility so much as a fringe
case where what I do for accessibility causes problems for the

I do all of my writing in the nano text editor in a text-only
environment and favor hardwarpped plain text files both for my own
work and for reformatting stuff I download for offline reading.

If I want to post something I wrote online, it usually means switching
to a graphical session, opening the text file in Firefox, and then
copying the hardwrapped text into a text box, and generally, the text
box and the page produced after submitting the form will have

Generally, this isn't a big deal as long as the resulting page is
displayed on something with at least 80 characters of width, but it
can cause choppy, uneven lines on displays that are narrower than 80
characters, such as a phone screen in portrait mode.

Anyone know a workaround for this? I'm thinking the ideal solution
would be a modified copy/cut command that would ignore the single
linebreaks nano's justify command adds to hardwrap text, but not the
double line breaks between paragraphs, but I don't know if there
exists a Firefox extension/about:config option or an Orca function to
do this.

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