Possibly Off-Topic: Earphone recommendations.

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Sat Nov 14 00:07:28 UTC 2020

I didn't know about electronics-talk at nfbnet.org. Mind providing
additional information?

And to the person asking about specific models, here are the product
links lifted from my Amazon.com order history:




Not sure what, if anything distinguishes the s46 from the z47, and I'm
pretty sure the letters after the number just indicate the color.
There's also a white version of the s46. I've been skimming reviews of
other ear clips that show up in the frequently bought together
section, but aside from a somewhat short wire, it sounds like
Panasonic is about the best bang for buck in this price range... I
wish ear clips weren't such a rare form factor and that earbuds hadn't
taken over the world.

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