Continuous reading in Emacspeak and Cursor Movement

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Fri Oct 2 07:27:48 UTC 2020


I am used to continuous reading in Orca whereby the cursor moves along
with the speech. In Emacspeak, however, I don't seem to get this
feature. So my question is: is there any way one can do continuous
reading while cursor is moving? I would prefer to have a cursor
positioned at the place where I call the pause or stop functions.
By the way, I use C-E n (Control +E and n) for continuous reading. The
frustrating thing is that even after reading a big chunk of a document,
once Emacs receives notification, I have to try to find the spot where I
think the last word spoken was. I think it may not be the optimal
situation for reading or reviewing documents.

If anyone is using Emacs, please can you share how you deal with reading
documents? I am open to any ideas for this situation even if it means
using any other screen reader  other than Emacspeak.

Thanks in advance,


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