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Sat Oct 3 16:26:57 UTC 2020

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> Tim here.  If you need a larger cut-and-paste buffer, I strongly
> suggest tinkering with a terminal multiplexer like either tmux or GNU
> screen.  I use tmux primarily for the multiplexing, split windows,
> the ability to detach & reattach, and the silence/activity monitoring.
> But as an added benefit, I can set my scroll-back buffer-size to
> thousands of lines letting me copy/paste from it, even if my actual
> terminal is only 80 by 25.

When I've tried tmux, I've found oddities that made it slightly less
pleasant to use with a console screen reader.  I know in my case the
split windows and status bars etc are not wanted.  I wonder if anyone
has tried to work out screen-reader-friendly configurations.  I haven't;
GNU Screen has been good enough for me, and I've used it for many years.

-- Chris

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