Console screenreaders

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Sun Oct 4 19:14:42 UTC 2020

I've never used Tmux, but that sounds like a prime example of why I
prefer SBL's less chatty nature to espeakup. To give a similar example
with a program I use regularly, Nano defaults to having a title bar on
the top and a status bar on the third line from the bottom(the bottom
two lines are a command quick reference). Espeakup will read these
everytime they change, but SBL will only read them if I use screen
review to read them, and in most cases, I prefer not to hear what's on
those lines(the one exception I can think of where I would prefer
espeakup's chattier behavior is in the case of pressing ctrl+C, which
prints current position on the status line(I also often care about the
lines written when saving a file, but since I'm usually at the end of
a file when saving, I can usually just use caps+pageDown to read from
current position to end of screen instead of having to manully
navigate to the status line with caps and up/down arrows like I
usually have to do with current position since I usually do ctrl+c in
the middle of a file).

Admittedly, there are cases I wish I could switch between "read all
newly displayed text" and "read only what I tell you to read" on the
fly. I find the latter better for most things, but the former is nice
when playing text adventures.


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