VPN accessibility?

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Tue Oct 6 13:36:51 UTC 2020

My advice would be never to trust a third-party VPN provider that wants 
your financial information. It's better to get a cheap VPS and run your 
own VPN on that. This way you are in full control of your VPN, and only 
you can see your logs, if you keep them at all. I've heard that 
Wireguard is one of the best VPN packages available for self-hosting, 
but I haven't tried it. OpenVPN isn't bad either. If this seems like too 
much hassle, then it would still be better to find someone who can set 
it up for you and then just change your passwords or something so that 
no one can gain access to your server or your VPN. Call me paranoid, but 
I just can't trust any company that says they want to keep me save 
online, but they hold my banking info on their servers and I can't see 
the logs they keep.

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