resending this hopefully in readable format this time, how do I install Voxin on Ubuntu based Distros?

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Sat Oct 24 07:48:47 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,
I just tried sending this email and it looked fine on my end, but for some reason it sent in a format where some of my words were put together with no spaces. I don't know why that happened as that is not how I wrote it. But its really hard to read, so I am trying to send it again and hopefully the format will come out correctly this time.
I have Linux Mint with MATE GUI using the Orca screenreader on a laptop and I am trying to install the Voxin TTS voices I bought.
This is my first time installing software on Linux.
On the Voxin website they give instructions for installing Voxin on Ubuntu. And Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu so i think the installationcommands should be more or less the same.
They say for Ubuntu type in:
sudo --login
cd voxin-3.3rc1
cd voxin-enu-3.3rc1
I don't have any files that are just Voxin-3.3rc1. The files that I downloaded each include the name of the TTS voice within the title.
For example:
So i went to my terminal and tried typing sudo --login and after i log in, then i typed:
cd voxin-american-english-ava-high-3.3rc1.tgz
but it gives me an error message, something like, bash cd no such file o rdirectory.
Could any of you who have installed Voxin for Orca graphical desktop on Ubuntu based systems please let me know how to install it?

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