How do I install Voxin on an Ubuntu based Distro?

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Sun Oct 25 05:22:29 UTC 2020

Ok, I tried the tar -xf suggestion and still getting an error message, but first I'll respond to the poster who asked about Mint and Orca.
I'm totally new so I'm not entirely familiar with the names of Linux screenreaders, I just assumed that Orca is the screenreader for graphical desktops. I think its Orca because I use it with the MATE graphical desktop, I can toggle the speech on or off using the Windows key, Alt, and s, and I use Orca shortkeys with it. When I go to the screenreader preferences menu it says the speech system is Speech Dispatcher.
Anyways, I know there are a few different versions of Mint out there. I specifically got the iso for the version of Linux Mint that has MATE for the graphical desktop.
It did not automatically speak during install.
But what I did was have a sighted person help me get from the Bios and into the live desktop environment. Once they confirmed that it was in the live desktop, then I pressed the Windows key, Alt, and s, and that turned on the speech.
>From there it gave me a list of things on the desktop and i chose the one that says Install Linux Mint MATE and the screenreader spoke the installation prompts to me.
 I don't know if it would work with installing it in other ways. But turning on the screenreader worked for me once it was in the live desktop and then choose install.
I did get stuck on the "Who Are You" section for a while, the one that asks for your name, username etc because it would not show me the continue button after filling out the forms. I had my sighted helper check and the continue button was also dimmed for them. So i did some online research and found out that other beginners had that same issue, and it turns out it was just a matter of it not allowing spaces in the username or computer name etc. So once i got rid of the spaces, the continue button became available to me and i completed the install.
I'm a beginner and I've only been using Mint with MATE for a few days, but so far I really like it.
Regarding installing Voxin, I went to my downloads folder where the file is located, opened a terminal and typed:
tar -xf voxin-american-english-ava-high-3.3rc1.tgz
But I'm still getting an error message that says, cannot open, no such file or directory, tar error is not recoverable.
Any ideas why I am getting that message?

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