something is wrong in make menuconfig

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Thu Oct 29 21:06:54 UTC 2020

Tried building a gentoo kernel I've verified boots and the problem is the
sound card.  No external speech synthesizer and no braille display so need
to use sound card facilities.  I think speakup will work once sound card
is sorted out.
What I would like to know is I hope less complex.  I am probably going to
need to share output over irssi in #gentoo or #gentoo-accessibility on
freenode.  How is that done where I have a file on my end and people or a
person in the chat room needs to loook at it using irssi?
I never successfully built a kernel before and only got this far following
instructions in the official handbook and I got help from another speakup
user who uses gentoo on the speakup details.

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