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Wed Sep 2 14:16:04 UTC 2020

> What is the model of the phone you bought?
> Thanks in advance.
> /A

At the time that I ordered my phone (back in July), there were two models available:

PINEPHONE – “Community Edition: PostmarketOS” ($150)

PINEPHONE – “Community Edition: PostmarketOS With Convergence Package” ($200)

The Convergence Package provides a "USB-C Docking Bar – 2x USB Type-A host ports, digital video port, and 10/100Mbps Ethernet port".  It also has 3 GB of RAM (rather than 2) and 32 GB of eMMC storage (rather than 16).  This makes a lot of sense for a development machine, so I bought this version.

Having said all this, both of these models are currently "out of stock", because Pine64 took the pre-orders, had the production done, and is now shipping product (yay!).  However, they have announced that Manjaro versions will be available for pre-order in mid-September.  This will only differ from my phone in two ways: the contents of the pre-loaded OS and the logo printed on the back of the device.

If you are interested in getting a PinePhone, I'd suggest getting on one of their announcement channels:

> Pre-orders for the Manjaro Community Edition PinePhone open mid-September. To be notified when pre-orders go live make sure to subscribe to this blog, the Telegram PINE64 News Channel (not chat) and follow us on Twitter and Mastodon.

I'll close with a caveat: Both the PinePhone and the Linux variants it runs are Works In Progress.  So, some things may require fiddling, may not work yet, etc.  Everyone involved is being quite upfront about the fact that this is still a game for developers, rather than end users.  So, YMMV!

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