Strange Happenings in mpv?

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Wed Sep 16 15:23:46 UTC 2020

The only thing I can think of with regards to your skip issue, and this may
be a very long shot, is that Mpv might have some state stored for that
particular directory path. I don’t know of any state stored by Mpv becides
last playback position, but it’s worth a try. I believe Mpv stores it's
state at ~/.config/mpv/saved_state, but I'm not currently near a computer
to verify that.

And yes, Mpv can indeed play zips and other archives (and archives within
archives within archives). A very handy feature that.



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> Thanks Shlomi for your analysis. Interesting LYNX thought that was a zip
> but certainly it plays fine, but my arrows still didn't work  until I copy
> it to another location.
> Chime
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