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Wed Sep 30 18:19:16 UTC 2020

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> As my go-to, I'll add "yasr" to the list (though I've been meaning to
> check out fenrir).

There is Jupiter: <>.  The author prefers
the term "adapter" to screen reader, and in many ways Jupiter doesn't
exactly behave like a screen reader.  It has a mode where it operates
like one, but by default it works by capturing and reading a
transcript of a terminal session.  So you aren't limited to the 25 rows
and 80 columns of a standard screen.  This works best with applications
that have a "command-and-response" style of interface, rather than a
full-screen curses interface.

Speaking of yasr, there is tdsr: <> which
works similarly to yasr.  tdsr has a bit more of a modern feel, with no
dedicated review mode and so forth.  It is small and written in Python.
I think the author had a basic working implementation after a couple of
days.  It runs on Linux, Mac, and possibly other operating systems.

-- Chris

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