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Wed Sep 30 19:37:59 UTC 2020

I don't know about Ubuntu, but my understanding is that the Debian
package for Fenrir has been broken for quite some time, so it's likely
Ubuntu inherited the broken package. Unfortunately, Fenrir's developer
is, if I'm not mistaken, an Arch Linux user and a bit out of their
depth when it comes to packaging Fenrir for other distros. As Fenrir
is written in Python, Pip serves as an alternative to using a
pre-compiled package or doing a install from a git clone of t he
sources, but I've heard people have had mixed results with that

On the graphical side, I am unaware of any alternative to Orca, and of
the console screen readers I've heard of, Fenrir is the only one I'm
aware of that can be used within a terminal emulator and not just from
the console.

As for the apt error listed above, unfortunately, that's like apt's
most generic "this package failed to install" message and typically
comes long after any actually useful error messages in apt's output.
It might produce a lot of output, but if you try running the install
command again with 2> error.txt or something similar on the end and
post the contents of that file, it might contain something that can
actually be used to identify what went wrong... sadly, apt can
sometimes be quite vague or downright cryptic as to why an action
failed even when you catch the output at the time of the rror instead
of the generic message above that comes at the tail of apt's output
after it's either finished everything else or given up on trying to
move forward due to the errored package.


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