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Wed Sep 30 20:33:35 UTC 2020

Adding one extra question to Chime's.
There was, many years back a software edition of the dectalk called 
Packaged with window eyes at the very least.
I am curious if anyone knows what became of the rights to that software 
Did the patent go to freedom scientific when they got gw micro?
I am prepared to do an official u. s. patent search, but if someone has 
directions, that would help.
best idea would be if possible someday creating *quality* software 
synthesis comparative to the quality of dectalk hardware.

On Wed, 30 Sep 2020, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Quite an interesting discussion. Many years ago I discovered Jupiter while 
> looking for screen-reader in Linux which had an exception dictionary-and-also 
> worked with a DecTalk. Well, in working directly with Karl, we found a DecPC 
> worked well, but we could not get my newer DecTalk U S B to play nice. 
> Likewise, Mike Gorse from YASR was not able to get me DecTalk support, 
> although he was willing to consider a dictionary. Speakup has DecTalk driver 
> issues which are frustrating, which I've commented on `quite a number of 
> times. Some1 mentioned SBL? What is that? If I were to ever switch away from 
> Speakup, I would certainly want a really good review option as Vocal-Eyes 
> had. And a side question? In the graphical side, is their only ORCA? We tried 
> getting a 2008 LSR running but not so far. Thanks so much in advance
> Chime
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