Looking for help with switching on the bare metal.

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Hi Didier,

I am not going to dual boot my system. I am fed up with windows. If I need a more conventional OS, I have my MacBook. I will probably install Windows in a virtual machine anyway, simply because I need it for my work.
I would appreciate the help with copying all my stuff from an external drive to my Slint installation.

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> On 05 Aug 2021, at 13:53, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi Brandt,
> Slint can't be installed in an NTFS partition but can read and write the files
> in it, no add-on needed. We can help you doing the needed settings after
> installation.
> Maybe you would consider a dual boot installation?
> If yes but you have only one drive, read how-to prepare the drive in:
> https://slint.fr/doc/HandBook.html#make_room_for_Slint
> Cheers,
> Didier
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> Didier Spaier
> Slint maintainer
>> Le 05/08/2021 à 13:34, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
>> Thanks for that. I am very strongly considering installing Slint, but before I do, I need to pull my stuff off of my windows installation. Will Slint by default deal with NTFS, or do I need to install a utility to do so?
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