Slint on the bare metal!

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Sat Aug 7 06:32:57 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I unexpectedly had the use of a set of working eyes for a little while 
yesterday; secure boot was turned off, and the key to bring up the boot 
menu was found.

As a result of this, Windows got removed from this machine, and as the 
subject states, Slint took it's place.

This machine runs like a dream, however, I did everything correctly and 
the en-us voice used by default by my espeakup just doesn't want to go 
the hell away!

As root, I did the following:

#speak-with speechd-up

::This in effect kills espeakup which is needed for the following

#espeakup default-voice=en-gb

::This, in theory should set the voice used to the brittish one.

#speak-with espeakup

::Does switch you back to espeakup.


If anyone knows what's going on here, please, please, help! My hearing 
is already not the best in the world, I don't need the bad US voice to 
make things worse.

Warm regards,

Brandt Steenkamp

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Twitter: @brandtsteenkamp

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