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Hi Didier,

Thanks for a response. Let me try to clarify inline: 

On Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 01:48:33AM +0200, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>Hi Ishe,
>If a feature of speakup allows to echo a word when the space bar is pressed
>after having typed it, I don't know it.
>I CC the speakup mailing list as someone with a better answer probably 
>reads it.

Thanks for that, I had been looking for this feature for a long time. If possilbe, whaat's the mailing list address? 

>I am curious though: I know hat Orca provides this feature, but do you 
>know a
>console screen reader providing it, then which one is it?
Fenrir has that feature. In fact, I find that when I want to write long documents, I have to switch off Espeakup and use Fenrir. In the fenrir's settings.conf, the option is by default:

  And I changed it to 

>Le 13/08/2021 à 09:02, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
>>I am scratching my head over this seemingly simple task, but is 
>>there a setting for word echo in Speakup/Espeakup? I want to turn 
>>off key_echo so that I do not hear characters as I type them, but I 
>>am at my wits' end on how I can turn on word echo so that when I 
>>press the Spacebar as I type I hear the typed word instead of space.
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