Anyone else experiencing Firefox 91 crashes?

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Mon Aug 16 14:46:25 UTC 2021

Hello list,

I don't remember when did I update my software the last time, but I have
Firefox 91 64-bit installed and in the few recent days, it's crashing
quite intensively.

Like, I launch it, type something into the search field... Crash!

I launch it again, type google url to the search field, enter my search
term on the page and while typing... Crash!

I want to install an addon and even if I somehow manage to enter my
query and get the search results, when I actually click on one... Crash!

It's really annoying, the browser is almost unusable. My cache and
cookies are cleared automatically after every run, so this shouldn't be
the source of the issues.

I've tried the troubleshooting mode and it behaves in the same way, so
extensions also don't seem to be guilty.

I have even downloaded a portable version of the browser from the
Mozilla website and it crashes as well.

The only thing that comes on my mind that it's a bug in the browser, but
I didn't find anything about it when searching.

Does anyone have similar experiences?

Firefox 91.0 64-bit, Ubuntu mate 20.04 64-bit.

Best regards


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