elementary-os linux #a11y findings

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at redhat.com
Sun Aug 22 05:41:57 UTC 2021

First I was finally able to download and seed the torrent using
transmission-cli.  The lftp program is good for light work, but when you
need heavy work done reach for transmission-cli at least for the command
line users and those that can use a terminal inside a g.u.i.
I'm rather certain amixer isn't on the system out of the box and not
knowing what else was available I couldn't ensure or test sound card
volume.  The speaker-test application appears to be another one missing.
Aside from all of that, it was not possible to bring a screen reader up in
any form on elementary-os oden stable.  For that reason I had no
opportunity to test anything else out on that linux distro.  I recommend
not spending any money on elementary-os if you need to use a screen reader
given these conditions.  I'm not sorry for having spent the time
downloading and testing this distro, it's just one to put in the does not
work pile for now.

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