Update on speech/media sounds

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Fri Aug 27 16:58:34 UTC 2021

On Fri, 27 Aug 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> I wrote an email here earlier asking about setting a USB card for speech and having my media playback come through the onboard sound card. There does not really seem to be a reliable way of doing this without pulse.

Apologies, I don't think I saw the original question.

I've not needed to use Pulse.

Assuming you are using speakup with espeak and espeakup, you can use the 
ALSA_CARD environment variable to tell espeakup where to play audio.

Debian takes this one step further by having it definable in 

Here's what it says:

# To choose audio output on another sound card, uncomment this and set as
# appropriate (either a card number or a card name as seen in CARD= alsa
# output).
# export ALSA_CARD=0

I have used this successfully on a multi-card machine, though not with 

Note that I've also had issues using some USB cards which do not support 
the sampling rate that espeak expects to use.


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