unable to install from aur

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Fri Aug 27 18:44:31 UTC 2021

Did you modify gpg.conf or is that the archlinux-supplied version?
I don't have the problems you do with archlinux and that's because early
in the install I run:
pacman-key --populate.
Then I might run:
pacman -Syu archlinux-keyring.
Lots of keys get updated that way.
Now I also install the surfraw package and lynx and set the browser
surfraw uses as lynx.
Then I search the aur repository for pikaur and download the source for
that package and run makepkg on it to build it.
After that, I usually have no trouble installing stuff from the aur
You probably also ought to download ntp and then as root run
ntpd -qg
and hwclock --systohc --utc
Then set your timezone by updating /etc/localtime.
Finally run as root
sysctl enable timesyncd ntp true
All of that makes sure your clock is current and keeps the repositories

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