Help, I need a Windows VM for my work

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Mon Aug 30 08:12:03 UTC 2021

Mindful that I'm responding to a thread that's a few weeks old ...

I solved this problem by using a 4 port KVM switch. That gives me one
keyboard--though I needed sighted help to reconfigure the "Windows" and
"Alt" keys so that my Mac Mini would see them correctly as "Option" and
"Command" keys. Hint, they're recognized. They're just swapped, but I
was unable to make the edit with just VoiceOver.

I have one monitor, rarely used in these days of Covid, sitting at the
opposite side of my desk because it's for sighted assistants who
sometimes come by. I'm waiting for one now to deal with an inaccessible
screen in Native Instruments Preferences on the Mac.

I have two Linux machines in this KVM. One is an older tower unit under
my desk. The other is a 2020 vintage System76 Mini.

The Windows machine, sadly, is a laptop assigned to me by my employer.
As it does VPN to the internal Amazon network, I keep it within reach
and sometimes use it directly, not just via the KVM.

I do not use my KVM to route audio, though it happens also to support
that. Instead, I've an old Mackie 1202 audio mixer, and I need to expand
to more than 12 channels Frankly.The KVM I have has four hardware
switches. They don't lock, but they do work reliably, not that that
prevents me from issuing NVDA commands to VoiceOver, or VoiceOver
commands to Orca! <smile>



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> That is an idea I would not have thought of.
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> > Well, this will probably mark me as a fool, but I just use a Linux machine and a Windows machine connected by Samba. 
> > Computers are relatively inexensive now, so why bother with virtual machines?
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