Can I Increase the Volume of a PC-Speaker?

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Mon Feb 8 17:58:35 UTC 2021


Basically there is no way to adjust the harddware beeper volume unless it 
is  routed thru the sound card.

Original PC beeper is a hardware timer and it's output is directed to 
build-in speaker.   Nowadays there is  not always separate speaker but the 
signal is fed to sound card mixer.

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> Subject: Can I Increase the Volume of a PC-Speaker?
> Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2021 17:34:01
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> Hi All: I am in Debian SID, want to make my PC speaker louder. When I get 
> new-mail in alpine, I can hardly hear the beep, unlike on a laptop where it 
> plays in the sound-card. No amount of searching turns up how or if I can 
> ajust this. Sure there is a "beep" command, also setterm where I can ajust a 
> length-and-frequency of a beep, but no volume. Can any1 please inform if 
> there are ways of doing this? But no I really wouldn't want to re-direct to 
> an actual sound-card. Thanks so much in advance.
> Chime
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