Can I Increase the Volume of a PC-Speaker?

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Mon Feb 8 18:35:14 UTC 2021

On February  8, 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I am in Debian SID, want to make my PC speaker louder.

Tim here.  Are you running a GUI or just a plain terminal?  In X you
can use the `xset` command to set the properties of the system bell

  $ xset b on $VOLUME $PITCH $DURATION

So to set the bell to maximum volume (100) at 423 Hertz for 120
milliseconds, you'd issue

  $ xset b 100 423 120

You might also poke at your alsamixer to see if the channel for your
PC beeper (often a channel named "Beep") 

  $ amixer -q -c 0 set Beep 100%

In the plain terminal (not in X), you can use the `setterm` command to
adjust the pitch and duration but not the volume unless you mess with

  $ setterm -bfreq 400 -blength 50

Hopefully one or more of those gets you something loud enough (I'm on
the other end of this spectrum and find the beeper jarringly loud, so
I use these commands to make some nice low quiet buzz)


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