recently referenced headphones?

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Thu Feb 25 04:37:12 UTC 2021

I believe that was me.

Here's the link for the Panasonic ear clips:

And here's the link for what I ended up buying:

The Panasonics are cheaper, have their earclips on a swivel, which
allows for you to have it hanging on your ear but with the speaker
folded out(good for listening to earphones with one ear and sounds in
the room with other, the outside of the earpiece is flat, making them
more comfortable when laying down with an ear to your pillow and the
earpieces stick to each other with magnets. The cord is on the short
side though and is asymetical with the left clip having the shorter
wire. Also, the plug is straight with little to reinforce the wire
where it connects to the plug.

The Kospair are more expensive, have a significantly longer, symmetric
cord that ends in an angled plug with a reinforced wire at the plug.
The ear pieces fit together with the speakers face-to-face, the end of
one clip fitting into the bend of theh other clip... nesting the
earpieces is a bit tricky to figure out, but once you get the hang,
the earpieces stay quite secure when stored this way. The clipes don't
have much movement and stick out a bit, so laying your head on a
pillow with your ear to the pillow is a bit uncomfortable with these.

Neither pair come with any storage solution for the wire, and I can't
tell any difference in  sound quality, though I haven't been able to
do direct comparisons.

There were several other pairs mentioned in that thread, but beyond
what I was replacing and what I replaced them with, I can't remember
much in the way ofdetails.

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