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Apologies for my very delayed reply. I havn't checked my inbox in quite a while. I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question re text editors in such detail. I know I'm responding way late, but better late than never and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and for listing so many options.
I look forward to researching those that you listed. Its great that there are so many to choose from. Now it just comes down to me figuring out which one/s will be my preference.
Again just wanted to thank you for your time and effort in writing such a thorough reply, the info you shared is very much appreciated.

Jan 24, 2021, 03:40 by ra+dtubxdrrefuvknlzmxnknslhb at

> Regarding text editors, well quite frankly, the selection is kind of staggering.
> In the terminal, the big two are vi and emacs and their derivatives,
> but there's also ed, nano(what I use), and micro that I can name off
> top of my head. I like Nano because it's small, and I find it more
> straight forward to use than the bit I've messed around with vi or
> emacs, though coming from Windows, you might prefer micro, which is
> inspired by nano but might have a more familiar set of keybindings(I'm
> using nano instead of micro largely because I had already grown
> acustomed to nano's quirks by the time micro came along... in nano,
> some of the keybindings that might trip up someone coming from Windows
> include crtl+x for closing the open file, ctrl+o to save, ctrl+k to
> cut(and cutting the whole line at that), ctrl+u to paste(pasting all
> lines that were cut without a keystroke other than ctrl+K), ctrl+w to
> search forward, ctrl+Q to search backwards, just to name a few).
> On the graphical side, I think every desktop environment has its own
> text editor and then some. Gnome has gedit, KDE has Kate, LXDE has
> Leafpad, there's one in there called nedit, I think there's an editor
> written in Java called jedit, and I think I've used pretty much all of
> them at one point or another and found them more or less
> interchangeable... Granted, I haven't tried a graphical editor since
> going blind... and Kate probably isn't too accessible since, as a KDE
> app, it's built with the QT ttoolkit, which isn't as well supported by
> Orca as GTK.
> Not sure I've ever used Notepad++(I was still using a word processor
> for most of my document creation when I was using Windows regularly),
> but I suspect there's a lot of commonalities between it and the
> graphical editors I mentioned above.
> And Visual Studio is more of an integrated development environment
> than a stand alone editor... Though I generally prefer to code in a
> stand-alone editor and invoke a compiler from the command line when I
> program, though Eclipse is one IDE that runs under Linux... Eclipse is
> optimized for Java development, though I believe it can be used for
> C/C++ and perhaps other related languages.
> And for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure all of the editors I've
> mentioned offer syntax highlighting.
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