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Sat Feb 27 22:21:27 UTC 2021

Hey Chime,
In my research I came across an Ivona sdk package offered by readspeaker. I think you can find it at: <>
It says the sdk is compatible with Linux and aimed at developers. 
But I think you probably have to buy it, and then have some software development skills to implement it.
 Unfortunately I don't have the programming skills to work with sdk packages yet.
I found out about that sdk a while ago and I've had an idea kinda on the back burner that I havn't got around to yet. I was thinking that  maybe I could reach out to some of the local Linux organizations in my state, maybe visit them in person,  and ask around if anyone there is a dev who might be interested in forming a project team to make some sort of program that would connect the Ivona TTS voices to Orca as well as the Console screenreaders via the sdk from Readspeaker. If someone in any of the Linux organizations near me would be interested in forming a team, even though I'm a beginner and I don't have the programming skills yet, I could at least present the concept, and learn from the skilled developers as we go along. 
Its just an idea I've had but I havn't contacted the local Linux organizations yet to ask if anyone might be interested in forming a team project for that.
They are general Linux organizations, as far as I know, they do not particularly specialize in accessibility.
 But they are near me, and I figured I would start there. Maybe some Linux enthusiasts looking for a project to do, might be interested in working with me to make it a reality. I know TTS is a bit niche but there are quite a few blind Linux users around the world as is evident from the membership of this list, and it might even appeal to the sighted mainstream if they had it as an option for reading documents or maybe even ebooks etc when Orca already comes built in with quite a few Distros, if it had natural Ivona voices as a plugin, it would simply be a matter of activating Orca and pressing the keys to read all, and anyone could have materials read in a voice that is pleasant to listen to. Of course the main purpose would be for accessibility navigation, but everyone could benefit from more natural voices. 
Anyways, it sounds like the files you have may be different from the one on readspeaker which is an sdk and I think you would have to buy that one and have some development background.
Let me know if you've heard about the sdk, I think if you type in duckduckgo something like "Ivona Linux sdk" it will bring it up.
If your files are different then yes, I would definitely be interested if you could send me a copy. I don't have the coding skills for software development yet and I'm still a beginner myself, but I might be able to reach out to some local organizations and see if something could be done with it.
 Who knows, Ivonaspeak3 might be easier to work with than the readspeaker Ivona sdk. I really don't know, but it might be worth a try. I'm definitely up for reaching out locally to see if anybody would be interested in forming a team project. Of course thats no guarantee that I could find any developers who would be interested in such a project, but its worth a try and maybe Ivonaspeak3 might be easier to work with at least as an option.
To Kyle, yeah I agree that RHVoice is one of the better TTS options for Linux. 
I still want to find some way to get Ivona on Linux though as I think its one of the top of the line TTS and since readspeaker says they have an sdk that is apparently compatible with Linux, then I want to find out some way to do that, even though I don't have the skills yet, I want to find someone who does.
But in regards to RHVoice, my favorites are two female voices, I don't remember their names right off hand. CLT? SLT? Maybe? I don't have the names in front of me at the moment so I don't know but I think its something along those lines. Anyways, they are included in Slint. And I've been trying to get them on my Linux Mint MATE OS.
I installed RHVoice for English on Linux Mint but it only has one default male voice. 
Do you have any idea how to get the two female voices on an Ubuntu based system? I've tried but it seems that the instructions on git hub for installing those particular english female voices from RHVoice, the instructions are actually in a different language that I don't understand. So I only have the one default male English voice.

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