Running Android Voices in Linux?

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Sun Feb 28 03:31:47 UTC 2021

My best suggestion now is to clone RHVoice from git and try to build it 
that way. First change your default Orca voice to something other than 
RHVoice, as you don't want to lose speech if something goes wrong. 
Uninstall the RHVoice package you installed. Now start by installing its 
build dependencies.

sudo apt-get build-dep rhvoice

I think the command to clone the git was

git clone --recursive

Then you just

cd rhvoice

     scons prefix="/usr" sysconfdir="/etc"

sudo scons install

You may also need to create a symbolic link that links the RHVoice 
speech-dispatcher module into the right place.

ln -s "/usr/bin/sd_rhvoice" "/usr/lib/speech-dispatcher-modules/sd_rhvoice"

should do that. Restart speech-dispatcher and Orca or the computer and 
you should be good to go. Upon changing Orca's voice back to RHVoice, 
you should see all the voices in the person dropdown box, although you 
will also need to be sure that the language is set to English.


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