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I actually tried this about 4 years ago.  I wanted to connect to a Windows
Desktop running NVDA or JAWS with a Linux based RDP client.  While
technically possible, I discovered at the time none of the RDP clients would
take the RDP audio stream and route it to Linux audio.  So, I gave up when
my last attempt with Xrdp failed to try achieving something in the opposite

So, I would be interested if you find a way.  I've not looked into this any
further but I would love to gain screen reader access from remote GUI
connections as a lot of software development agile work styles are doing
something like this now and I can't participate without a screen reader.


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I have my ssh access and local GUI desktop working for my Linux machine
quite well.  I also have ssh access to a Linux machine on the Microsoft
Azure service working.


Before I go down the path of trying to get remote desktop access to the GUI,
does this actually work.


The article at Linux - Microsoft Azure
rosoft.Compute/virtualMachines/linux/connect>  has details on what you need
to do to connect to the GUI for a machine running on Azure.  I am hoping to
use the Windows RDP client to connect and just get the Gnome audio.  I know
it won't be perfect.


If this does actually work, does anyone know the syntax to tell the XRDP
service on the Linux machine to use Gnome as the desktop session?  The
article shows this command but it is for a different desktop.


Tell xrdp what desktop environment to use when you start your session.
Configure xrdp to use xfce as your desktop environment as follows:


echo xfce4-session >~/.xsession

Restart the xrdp service for the changes to take effect as follows:

sudo service xrdp restart


Also, thanks for the answers to my other questions here.  I haven't
contributed much here but will offer one tidbit, on the off chance anyone
here is trying to use Microsoft Teams on Linux.  You have to start the Linux
version of Teams with the additional command line of
-force-renderer-accessibility.  This instructs Chrome and software using
Chromium, to ensure things go through the accessibility API.  If you don't,
Orca won't read anything when Teams loads.  If you do add this, Teams works
fairly similar to how it does on other platforms.


I know I do not post here often so in full disclosure, my day job is working
for Microsoft running  a service known as the enterprise Disability Answer
Desk that works to resolve accessibility issues for business, government,
education and other enterprise customers.  I've wanted to understand how our
technology works on Linux, where we have it available.



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