vlc in slint

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Thu Jan 7 14:45:33 UTC 2021

I'll paste below the answer posted on the Slint mailing list:

I don't think so. This could be due to the version currently shipped in 
of VLC itself and of the GUI (Qt). It's hard to tell not knowing which 
of both software you used previously.

Meanwhile, other user interfaces are available for VLC, some could be more
accessible with speech, including on the console. You may want to try:
cvlc (console)
nvlc (ncurses)

This being said I widely prefer mpv over vlc. It doesn't have fancy GUI but
is usable in mate-terminal as in a console.


Le 07/01/2021 à 14:45, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> I have used vlc with windows, mac and with ubuntu.
> With each one, the menu structure and keyboard commands were somewhat similar.
> With the version of vlc in slint, a distro which is slackware-based, it is quite different.
> Anyone have ideas as to whether I could set up vlc to be as it was in other versions of that program?

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