Does anyone on here read code in braille?

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The Canute is big, heavy and slow to refresh. The braille is good, but the lines are spaced about an inch apart to accommodate the display mechanism. If the objective is to read code and interact fluidly with the computer that is running it, I don't think it would be a good choice.
There are a number of displays with 20 to 40 cells per line. I have not used them with BRLTTY, so I can't tell you much more than that. I have used 20-cell and 80-cell displays under Windows with JAWS and NVDA, and they can be quite handy as you are working at the command prompt or command-line interface. I find that although lines of program code can get quite long, an 80-character display is usually too wide, because it requires a lot of arm motion, and you can sometimes miss important information on the right end of the display if there are a lot of intervening spaces.

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The canute display is cheap for a multi-line display.
Nine lines of 40 cells I think.
I have read some code in the past but not lately.

--Brian Tew

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