How to activate a "clickable" icon?

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Thu Jan 14 01:18:33 UTC 2021

A few things that might be helpful to know here:

a is the navigational hot key to jump between clickables and is
arguably the only one that isn't self-explanatory in English.

shift+a jumps between clickables going backwards.

alt+shift+a will bring up the list of clickables on the current page.
Tabbing when you have the list open will cycle between the list
itself, cancel, jump to, and activate. Pressing enter on cancel will
close the list and put you where you where when you pressed
alt+shift+a, jump to will close the list and take you to the selected
clickable. Activate will simulate a left mouse click on the clickable.

Orca+9 will move the mouse cursor to where Orca's reading cursor is.
Orca+8 will simulate a right mouse click. This is usually redundant
since the context menu key usually does the same thing.
Orca+7 will simulate a left mouse click. This is useful when you need
to click something that appears to be plain text. Can have unexpected
results if you don't use Orca+9 first.

Note: the above keystrokes work with the number row. I don't have a
numpad, so I don't know if they work with the numpad as well. Orca
refers to the Orca Key, which is usually set to insert(for desktop
mode) or Caps lock(for Laptop mode)

Orca+A will toggle between browse and focus mode... not sure if
jumping to a clickable and switching to focus mode will make enter
and/or space work on the clickable if it lacks explicit keyboard
functions, but it's useful for entering/exiting things like text boxes
and comboboxes while staying in the same place, so you might find it
useful even if it doesn't help with clickables.

I usually use the alt+shift+A method when I need to activate a
clickable, usually after using a or shift+a to get to the right part
of the page if there are multiple clickables on the page(bringing up a
list of elements, clickables or otherwise, tends to make the
highlighted list item the one closest to your current position).

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