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Fri Jan 15 17:19:40 UTC 2021

For those living in the United States and territories if you are having 
accessibility problems with satellite; fiber, cable, set top boxes, or any 
devices that play videos like roku and would like to file a complaint. 
Contact dro at fcc.gov and you'll get Will Shell who specializes in these 
areas of law and knows the FCC rules and can help you file a complaint and 
get it to the right people for resolution.
My reason for using this resource is verizon fios cable service with text 
to speech turned on is not good.  Verizon has a huge opaque website and 
requires use of javascript to get many things done but dro at fcc.gov was on 
the fcc web page so I could use the email program that works best for me. 
Please pass this information along to anyone else with these problems 
since that's the only way failures get fixed these days.

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