Have you experienced Voxin completely freezing the speech?

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Tue Jan 19 02:54:21 UTC 2021

I have Voxin with Vocalizer voices installed on my Linux Mint MATE laptop. It works fine, as long as it does not encounter an Emoji online.
As soon as Voxin reads an online Emoji, it completely freezes the speech.
I can't really avoid emojis online. They're everywhere. So I could be reading a blog post and someone uses an emoji and it will totally freeze Voxin.
I then have to plug in the Braille Display to navigate through the silent menus to get to the Orca preferences menu but even when I set the synthesizer back to ESpeak the speech just stays frozen until I shut down the computer and then its fine once it restarts everything speaks again.
This does not happen with any other TTS synth I use.
I use ESpeak on Linux Mint and it does not usually freeze like this. 
I also use RHVoice on Linux Mint and it does just fine with Emojis. 
Voxin is the only synth where I experience this problem of it freezing the speech once it reads an Emoji.
As of now, I only have Voxin on my Linux Mint MATE laptop.
I have not tried installing Voxin on my other laptop with Slint yet. So I do not know if this is only an issue with Voxin when installed on Ubuntu based systems... or not.
But I'd like to be able to use Voxin on Linux Mint MATE without it freezing the speech whenever Voxin encounters an Emoji online.
Have any of you experienced Voxin freezing the speech? Does it seem like Emojis cause this glitch for you? Is there a work around for this?

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