an espeak phenomena

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VoiceOver on iOs does that too.  Fragmented memory, needs reboot to clear. 
I guesss shutting it down and re-loading has same effect of laying it in 
sequencially again.

JMO, RobH.

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Subject: an espeak phenomena

I'm using speakup with espeak and espeakup, and over the past
couple of weeks I've noticed an odd phenomena: on occasion, the speech 
sounds gravelly. If I continue to
use speakup the gravelliness or roughness of the voice becomes
worse and worse. But If I stop the speech and wait a few seconds, the speech 
smoothes out and I
can use speakup extensively with no problems, at least until the problem 
recurs a few days later.

Does anyone have  a clue what's going on?

Rudy Vener

Rudy Vener

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